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Reseller Wanted for Bulk sms and IVR Services Contact us for more details info@smslink.in

For Voice / IVR / Super FAX Outbond / Inbound Call Demo visit on http://voice.smslink.in/call/advancedemo/

SMS Link Bulk sms gateway provides enterprise-based mobile services to potential corporate
and retail clients to enhance and integrate their business position by utilizing the
advancement of mobile technology. Bulk sms gateway solution introduced in market for business promotion and product advertisment. One can promote the product, campaign from our sms solution.
• Personalized SMS broadcasting is the delivery of information to mobile phones
via the Internet and SMS gateway. Our SMS Broadcasting is one of
the most economical methods of interactive advertisement in brand loyalty,
replacing traditional marketing mediums by sending information direct to your
clients, prospects, employees, members or customers’ mobile phone in an
instantaneous time frame.
• Just login from our website and start sending SMS to your clients or friends
through the Web. It’s easy to use and we offer the lowest SMS rate ever. Now,
that’s a straightforward way send out thousands of SMS at a shot. More >>

Bulk sms 2way sms

Top 10 Reasons to have a Mobile Messaging Solution
• 1. lowest common denominator
• 2. cost effectiveness
• 3. high reach
• 4. high response rates
• 5. personalization
• 6. immediacy
• 7. interactivity
• 8. reporting
• 9. measurable ROI
• 10. ubiquity

>> Go for bulk sms in just 250/= starting plan now >> Download OBF Form

We offer you with the following functionalities:
1. Customisable contact list
– Contacts can be categorized into groups. The purpose of grouping is to
sort the contacts which have common characteristics.
– Groups can be added, viewed, edited or deleted by user.
– Upload Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) file which is then saved into the address
book. Sample format of the files are can be found in the address book.
2. Single or group broadcast
– SMS GupShup enables users to send SMS through our web portal. You
can send messages to single recipient or multiple recipients.
– Select recipients from address book for group sending instead of entering
the numbers individually.
3. Personalised messaging interface
Customizing personalized SMS message to add personal touch when the
recipients received the message.
– Names or any other variables in the message which is distinctive for each
recipient, for example, sending customize message with member’s name
and accumulated reward points at the end of each month.
Support personalized template in Excel format (.xls) and Comma
Separated Values format (.csv)
4.Personalised sender masking (Open Sender ID/Dynamic masking)
Promote your company branding when sending out SMS.SMS GupSup provide
sender branding where client can put their company name or relevant sender name, just
as to let recipients know who the sender of the message is.
5. Schedule broadcast system
This can prevent a lot of last minutes hassle and will help to plan for your
marketing campaign more effectively. The system can be used as SMS alert to notify all
customers or members during upcoming promotions. For more info visit on www.SMSlink.in


IVR (Interactive voice Responce) Solution :

Zeal Web Technologies offers IVR solution in its other venture SMSlink.in. For Live demo one can visit on our IVR website by clicking on http://voice.smslink.in >> Download OBF Form

We are offering various types of IVR facilities with maintaining 12 variables in a single IVR call, Both for inbound and Out bond calls. Download Presentation of IVR/VOICE SMS gateway More info >>

For Reseller enquiry plz mail company profile on info@zealwebtech.com / info@smslink.in or call on 0120-4226512

For Reseller enquiry mail your profile on info@zealwebtech.com / info@smslink.in or call on 09957530850

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